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About the Cafe

Welcome to V and H Cafe, Holland Road, Hove

We specialise in creating the best breakfasts, brunches and lunches by sourcing the highest quality, local and ethically sustainable produce from within Sussex using the local producers and seasons as inspiration for our dishes. Our beverages are also sourced as ethically and locally as possible but with flavour and experience for our customers as our number one priority. We cater for a wide variety of dietary requirements including gluten and dairy intolerance as well as dietary choices such as vegan and vegetarian.

Whilst the majority of our products are made in house, we are also great advocates of supporting other small businesses whose produce are brimming with their knowledge, skills and passion.

At V and H we use an ever increasing number of small artisan suppliers who specialise in their own produce, such as extra virgin olive oil, cakes, pastries, coffee and tea which we help to promote and sell to hungry and thirsty customers.

Why try and compete with other small businesses when instead you can support each other?